Learn at home with these fun, motivating study guides


Virtual Study Guides for Parents to do with their children

How it Works:

Once a month, read a chapter with your children. Read and discuss the  

Reader’s Guide Summary at the end he questions at the end of the chapter together.

  1. What thoughts do your children have about the chapter?
  2. What ideas come to mind that they can relate to in their own lives?

Next, read the  

Reader’s Guide: Exercises and activities.

  1. Enjoy doing these fun, advanced activities together with your children, and the whole family!
  2. Have your children start their own journal to write down their own thoughts and questions!

Study Guide - Lesson 1

Study Guide - Lesson 2

Study Guide - Lesson 3

Study Guide - Lesson 4

Study Guide - Lesson 5

Study Guide - Lesson 6

Study Guide - Lesson 7

Study Guide - Lesson 8

Study Guide - Extended Activities Journal