Family Album: Thoughts and Reflections


1. Breaking the Silence

Pictures in My Mind & Finding My Voice
So I have to start somewhere- but where?
On the el, in the cafe, waiting for a friend, in traffic, dodging delay.
Alright some would say- so to start or not?
To begin again?
Start with the photo of me- open mike, hushed audience, my words...
Something died today- I know it's true - because I killed it.
No worries- not the dog or grandma seer, not all near and dear.
Start again at the beginning for all to hear.
To be true - 'twas a villain forever whispering, seating itself so near,
Always assaulting my ear, my heart, a mind full of doubt.
Poisonous words like a deadly vapor echoed in me.
You are old, no one cares, no celebrity or genius there, poor as dirt-
You are no one and nothing. Give up.
Deadly words with no approval, no redemption, hammering the sides of a black
​box in my soul.
Except for a dimming memory so far back in time and in my mind.
What was the word? Ah - "yes."
"Yes" I can and will, stand up, speak back, little nothing me, up here for all to see.
And with each "yes" to this and that like sharp swords -
Villain stood back, a mighty battle,
Villain crouched and crawled, crumbled dust.Blown away to torment another soul,
​another day, another story left untold.
For me, each word spoken
Strengthened and straightened my wounded heart and troubled soul.
My fears? A slain monster and my story told.
And so- with a word or two spoken-
Monstrous doubt and villainous fear are dead and gone.
Start somewhere
Here and now your story to tell.
Say, "Yes" and call, "I am".

2. Summers’ Days

1.Roman Postcard
To Italy, to Italy go once and again.
Alone or with family and friend?
Ruins of one kingdom built on another.
Caesar speak softly and whisper the names beneath our feet and silent.
Ruins studied, preserved, emailed, and shared in L.A.
Another place, half a world away.
Ruined - lost the moment, trapped in electronic devices.
Ruined- conversations unspoken, relationships broken.
Ruined- traveling alone on crowded piazzas with the family of man.
Postcards signed - anywhere you roam?

3. Reflections on the Glass

My glass was half full of:
Beautiful gardens
Children swimming
Sea glass at the lakeshore
A kayak paddling clear blue waters
A picnic lunch
A friend's hospitality,
A helping hand
An orchid sunset
A sister's embrace
A solitary meditation
An alleluia.

4. Life- almost!

Imagine- the reality of people and sound, spoken words abound
Imagine- hilltop mountains playing ring around the Alps.
Watch the man fly fishing with a baton of real and rod.
Watch the wedding couple walking on white gleaming linen.
Watch the innocents scatter rosebuds and laurel.
Play games and hunt while hiking in August gardens.
Listen to ancient musical instruments.
Look to villas for mosaics bringing pictures to life.
And when the joy and serenity of a simple splendid dinner are done-
Walk peacefully along the lakefront as the moon dances on the water.
Breathe, inhale the day's memories sparkle deep in your soul.


5. Change

Got any change? The favorite hotel has been redone, new baths and beds. Look, shutters up and down at the push of a button! Got any change? There's no harpist or meeting place for guests to gather,gawk,cell phone smothered the moment, our talk? Got any change? Don't get it? Missed your attention. Don't speak the language, the lingo, the pop? Maybe there's an app. - ah, but then - there's not. Oh,that's so so yesterday.So changed?


6. Water-world

So, think it's true? No man's an island? But what do I see? Plenty of room for you & me Let's call it Roseland. Gardens and games, Tables of food, Clean water, a chapel. Please, please. Book me a room . Buy me a spot I'm happy on this little plot. ***

7. Bridges to When

When she couldn't walk, there was the taxi.
When there was no music, she sang.
When she missed the tour, he showed her the paths.
When he despaired, she comforted.
When there were stones, they planted gardens.
When she was lost, another found the way.
When the ruins were crumbling, reflections mirrored the day.
When the night was black, she lit the way.
When creativity abounds, bridges stay.


8. The Chase

Hurrry up -wait.
Pack a bag or a cart.
Find some place at the start.
Ride the train or the plane
Get in a car near or afar
Walk on the sidewalk or the Appian Way,
All the answers are the same.
Stand where you are.
Remember your name.

9. A Roman Holiday: Wherever Roam That Be

Best places-Top ten with you & me.
Best beaches? A secret.
Best bring me back fountain wish? Come back with family & friends.
Best soul food? Pizza,pasta, gelato- yum.
Best new spin on chariot.Golf cart.
Holiest spot? Faithful gatherings.
Best shopping strip? In eyes of beholder.
Best park? Anywhere green.
Best promise- See you later?
Best moment- The alleluia embrace.


10. Shore Path

Often roam closer to home by the lake side.
Share the trek with bikers, boarders, sailors,
Search the beach for teasured stones, signs of life.
Sounds of wind and waves, loose clip on a sail, canvas flaps pulled aft.
Summer going , going but not yet gone,
Sealed with a final kiss before autumn's song.


11. Travels in a Dog's Life

Walking my dog.
I stop and so does she.
Unless a squirrel nearby be.
Agreed? Noted? Moved on?
Two silent sentinels, the neighborhood guards.
Inspection, reflection on pebble, puddle,twig.
A bundle of fluff, and angel eyes.
Knew from the start!
True love,my doggie, my dear heart.

12. Road Trip

Rambling along with the family of man.
Walking and talking 'bout things
Ponder the sights.
Share your memoir, your joys, life box full of toys.
Come along,
Add your story, your song.
The open road's calling your name?
From Sidekick with love.


13. Sharing the Stage - Spring Writings

500 people to know 
Gratitude- helping us grow

Hear Kathy's Inspiration!

Winter's Nights: A Memoir

Celebrations: Countdown
Grab ticket. Buckle seatbelt.  Run home. Wrap a present. Bring a camera. Wash a bowl. Set the table. Arrange flowers. Listen to music. Avoid trading insults. Be generous. Be kind. Cool your temper. Light a candle. Keep a game face. Prepare a meal. Inspire yourself with love.


Winter's Nights: A Memoir

Celebrations: Countdown
Grab ticket. Buckle seatbelt.  Run home. Wrap a present. Bring a camera. Wash a bowl. Set the table. Arrange flowers. Listen to music. Avoid trading insults. Be generous. Be kind. Cool your temper. Light a candle. Keep a game face. Prepare a meal. Inspire yourself with love.

Time to Ourselves
When we were able to spend time together, I remembered how you looked as a child.
When we talked, I heard the voice that  drew people to you.
When you shared  the child's story, I held my coffee cup closer feeling the warmth that the future would bring.

Exercise and diet hold no joy for me, but music and cooking do.
They are the tools I use to jive through the drills.
Workout buddies are family to me, ageless, beyond bloodlines, global  and timeless. Straddle a seat for after class meet-ups -tea, coffee, water breaks, energy bars, jokes.
We fill our appetites with words of good cheer and devour feasts for the eyes in food magazines.
Pull up a chair, turn the page, up the volume, but don't throw in the towel- ready, set,    ...

Lights, champagne, romance?
Just thought of something!
Maybe a few friends,sharing a shrimp, a radish- or splurge for two.
Share a lucky seat, a tune.
Ah, and the love that's forever you.

The kid grew up! Changed last name? What fun they're having!
Handsome couples all. Children of their own or some not!
Flashes of life, before my eyes a click away.
Hmmm,sitting and smiling at the screen, thinking about the seasons of life.

Postcards, birthday, holidays, gift, sweet sentiments sometimes tears of joy
Wait a minute- what about the pictures and the drawings and the places and all the faces that the card embraces!
Delivered via text and post, and snail, wrapped with a ribbon or thrown in a pail!
Secret messages- always the same- love you, thinking of you, forever love.

Hmmmm... The perfect gift, for the perfect person, at the right price, and place and time.a keepsake, and a token for so many words unspoken.
The no glitch, wrapped,captivating and glowing gift packaged and wherever.
That perfect gift tied with a ribbon imprinted "you and me through thick and thin".
Wait,I think I've got it!
Your presence.

New Year's Resolutions-Lofty ideas, grand schemes and things, trying no denying.
This is the year to welcome anew bright lights, find 365 reasons why.
Like firecrackers in night sky 3, 2, 1 person, a new day, a new way bright star.

Mystery Package- No Name Tag
Clues in a  box=10 Small figures.
A camel, a cow, a lamb- no Panther, or elephant  or reindeer to see.
Three men wearing crowns- no women there?
An angel holding a sparkling star.
A woman - Madonna?
A man - good old Jo?
A child a baby - the future!
All the pieces in a package- somehow connected?
Ah ha and hurrah-mystery unraveled!
Clink your glass. Hear the sound.
Toast to new beginnings, to light and life, and faith in one another.
Tagged-A Gift from Father Time.

10.Party Tips from the "Life of the Party for 15 Minutes & Long Before Midnight-Believe it or not!"
Look your best- some measure of clean and pressed.
Arrive on time and thank the host, hostess with the "mostest of fun and hospitality ."
Meet and greet every guest with a smile, a question , establish the connection.
Set the limit- eat,drink,and be merry, leave on time- Cinderella rule!

11. Silent Nights, Peaceful Skies,  Dawn:
Pictures to remember:
Counting the shades of blue on calm waters at early morning.
Smiling at the amusement of others gathered at dinner parties, beaches...
Watching sleeping children snuggled in loved ones arms.
Places and faces that say, "I love you."

12 Tangled Decorations
"ehpo" a final word in a scrambled up world:
spell it out.


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