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Connected by author K.F. DeNicolo

Connected: An American Homecoming

Grandma battles for her dream yet again. Who’ll stand by her side? Could it be Vincent, her mild mannered 8th grade grandson? Together, they assume the mission of living the dream and the personal journeys attached. What started in Italy and moved to America is tested by the next generation.

     A simple plot, where a young boy runs to his grandmother for help on a school assignment, turns into a more complicated story. Does he get the powerful life-changing lessons of another time? Can he unravel a mystery? Who is he? Where’s the moral compass of his life? What does it take to walk down life’s road?

      One thing’s for sure. Grandma is not going to take him down easy street for the answers. Will she be able to rally her life forces? Can she bridge the generation gap between history and time? Who has the real power to keep the dream alive? The makings of those answers may surprise you.