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How do I use my author’s voice?

I promote literacy and conversation skills by sharing small stories about big ideas. These stories touch upon common experiences in today’s world. I think sharing stories about everyday heroes, long forgotten or speechless, is a way to pass life-affirming messages worldwide. 


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From Alice in Boston


Dear Alice, Great question! Inspirations are all around us and inside of us too. Sometimes something funny will happen to me when I'm out and about and I'll make a mental note about it or jot it down in my activity book.  Then I'll go back and use that incident in a short story I'm working on.

Other times I think about my past, or my parent's past history and use real events from my own life in a story I'm working on.  Can you think of anything in your past that you'd like to write about?

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Many of you are interested in my Heritage publications, and how I got my start writing them. 

I recently spoke at the beautiful Casa Italia center. Have a look at the video to see How to Write - and Why!

Happy Watching!    - Kathy

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